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  4d Bliss is your resource for greater health and wellness. 

Offerings include luxurious bodywork treatments and holistic healing modalities that uplift the body, mind and spirit.

Deep Tissue Massage   Sports Massage Swedish Massage   Traditional Thai Massage   Yoga Therapy   Corporate Chair Massage & Yoga Programs   Cellular Nutrition   Wellness Consulting                       

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"David gave one of the best deep tissue massages I've ever had, and I've had some good ones! I told him I was sore from weight-lifting and he incorporated some really great stretching that I haven't experienced before. He was very welcoming and kind. I left feeling euphoric and ready to conquer the world! I would highly recommend David to people I care about." ~ Ryan G. 10/01/15

"Amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed my 1 hour deep tissue massage with David. It was the perfect combination of pressure and left my back, neck and shoulders, which had been tight, open and relaxed. David was friendly and professional and the studio itself was simple and clean. Would highly recommend David and 4Dbliss to all!" ~ Olivia C. 9/27/15

"David is great at what he does. He did some range of motion work on my shoulders and neck and I felt the effects immediately. The experience was very relaxing and I'm so excited to continue working with him on my path to greater wellness." ~ Regina G. 8/23/15

“David is an amazing massage therapist, one of the best I have been to. I recently had the opportunity to experience his services of Thai massage. It was a profound session and I recommend everyone to schedule this special gift for yourself with David. He is very knowledgeable and skilled as a massage therapist, you will be happy you went.” Lori B. April 16, 2010

“David Clark is a master healer; I say this with true sincerity. His healing hands helped me to undo tension and strain I experienced in my physical body, which in turn relaxed and soothed my emotions and eased my mind. I had a Thai Massage session with David, which was a life-changing experience; he was sensitive to my physical condition, concerns, as well as my comfort. He is attentive and attuned to his clients with a sincere and gentle approach to ensuring everyone receives the best treatment possible. I am grateful to have had such a positive experience with David, and look forward to future treatments.” Lindsay O. December 16, 2011

“I just completed five sessions of yoga therapy with David. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. He is attentive, very patient, and knowledgeable about what will benefit the body. David is a pleasure to work with. For a wonderful experience and great results, I highly recommend him as a yoga therapist.” Alexandra D. September 22, 2009

“David is a wonderful massage therapist! I felt both very relaxed and revived during and after his massage. I felt like he knew his technique very well, and felt both mentally and physically better after the massage. He is very personable and professional.” Jessica S. December 9, 2011

“I can tell you from personal experience that David Clark is a gifted practitioner of Thai massage. His knowledge of biomechanics and his awareness of my physical state, moment to moment, combined to give me a very successful massage experience that left me feeling physically clear and relaxed. Highly recommended!” John A. December 9, 2011

“I experienced body work with Dave for Thai massage and also deep tissue massage. He is a very intuitive and excellent therapist, he listens to your body and molds the therapy to match the need. I recommend David to everyone I know. PS: I also worked with David on retreats and he is a wonderful person to work with.” Jody H. December 11, 2011

“After a massage and or meditation with David, I always feel relaxed and energized….all in one! I highly recommend David. You will feel terrific after your session with him.” Karen M. December 15, 2011

“I had a Thai Massage with David and am extremely grateful. I appreciated his flexibility with scheduling, and he also came to me with the Thai Massage which was awesome as I am habitually overscheduled. I really appreciate the extra step from him. During the massage, I kept thinking that I wanted more pressure, but I know that I tend to overdo things, so I decided to just relax and see what would come up for me. At the end, I realized that it was perfect. It was just what I needed and something that I didn’t even quite know how much I needed. The best after – effect is that I was able to sleep soundly for the last 3 nights, whereas I haven’t been able to sleep through a single night for months. I am definitely going to incorporate this into my routine. Thanks David!” Nicole W. April 9, 2012

David has a calm, pleasant energy that is well suited to bodywork and healing. His touch and entire manner of working is respectful and professional; he has good pressure, a nice quality of touch, appropriate communication, and the ability to address the problem areas and still attend to the rest of the body for integration. I have had many, many massages over the years from both professionals and students, and I can say that my session with David was definitely one of the better ones I've received. Thank you, David. When I am next in San Francisco, I will certainly look you up for another massage. River H. May 12, 2013

In August I was visiting San Francisco for several weeks.  During that time I had two massage sessions with David.  I have had regular massage work back at home over the past 20 years. The sessions with David were an amazing experience - calming and centering - the best ever.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.  I will certainly see him again the next time we are in town. Thanks again! Jim P. Aug 23, 2013